HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language can be considered the building blocks for creating and developing websites. HTML defines the structure of a web page that is read by a web browser, to do this it displays elements on screen using what is known as tags.

Tags are written in HTML using brackets, each bracket has an opening tag and a corresponding closing tag, your content then goes in the middle of these two brackets.

For example the < p > tag represents a paragraph, this < p > tag will also have a corresponding closing < /p > tag, inside of these tags you then put the text you want to be displayed on screen, for example:

< p >Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it.< /p >

Once you create the structure of your website using HTML you may find it doesn’t look that appealing visually, once created you can then apply CSS or Cascading Style Sheets to add colour, style and formatting for your website.