Hello, my name is Dylan Hedges and I’m a Web Developer specialising in creating modern, clean, responsive websites and web apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node & MongoDB.

My passion lies in front-end development, I enjoy creating interactive user interfaces, learning about the user experience and solving problems for clients. Communication is important and over the years I have worked closely with a wide variety of clients, if you choose me for your next project you will not only get a developer but someone who can communicate well and work with you to develop your perfect website or web application. I am open to new opportunities so if you feel you might have something of interest you can contact me directly via email or using the contact form on the contact page of this site. If you want to learn more about my past experience or see projects I have worked on please visit the portfolio and about pages.

My Experience

Product Programmer | UI/UX Developer

Working with clients to develop interactive web based courses, developing interactive User Interfaces and creating engaging User Experiences for end users, managing the company website and improving SEO ranking


eLearn Developer | UI/UX Developer

Developed engaging web based courses used by PwC’s global workforce of over 100,000 people, developed interactive UI and digital front-ends, coordinated development projects and communicated with stakeholders


Network Engineer

Supported and maintained Intel’s enterprise network infrastructure, installed configured and maintained Cisco network equipment, collaborated with team members to troubleshoot complex network and telecom issues



Favourite Coders